Susie Quinn

Author: Wagner Accounting & Tax Service, Inc. |

Accounting Services Dubuque

Wagner Accounting & Tax Service, Inc. has done our personal taxes for years. Each year we receive a pre-tax mailing let us know what is the latest tax information. Our personal taxes are done in a timely and professional manner, along with information on how to handle/ maintain for the current year. When we decided to open up our own Small Business, it was a no brainier to have Wagner Accounting & Tax Service, Inc. included in our journey of starting our LLC, Tom and his staff guided us thru the accounting / tax process. They are always helpful when I call or email and respond in a timely manner. I highly recommend Tom and his staff for not just doing your personal or business taxes, but also for handling payroll. They do ours, and it is so worth it. I can use my time to work on my craft rather than deal with stressing on paying my employees and dealing with the tax part of it.